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Tea and Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones run in my family (I don't know if that is even possible, but they do). Gall stones also run in the family, and while my mother, her sister, and their mother all got gall stones in their 30s after having children, I got them at the age of 15. I worry now that kidney stones will be next for me, since I seem to have gotten other stomach ailments from them.


I just found and fell in love with peppermint tea. I have GERD and a hernia, which the box warns about, but my GI said it's fine and really good for the stomach. The last sentence in this link has me worried, though.


I really want to avoid kidney stones (not only the pain, but I also fear vomiting) so is peppermint tea out? I know the sentence in the link says peppermint oil, but I assume they are the same. Any other teas I might like that don't contain tannins?


Thanks :D


ETA: I'm also anemic, so I know green and black teas can limit iron-absorption.

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We don't have kidney stones in the family, that I know of anyway. But one dd was found to have something in her urine that predisposes her to kidney stones. I wonder if you could have that checked to see if you really are at risk.


We were told about the risk of tea and also to drink a lot of water. Sorry I can't help more.

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My body likes to make kidney stones - lucky me. After my last fun time with a kidney stone (last June), the specialist suggested I concentrate on the oxalate content of foods and drink.


It seemed list everything I ate/drank was on the list of things to avoid (blue berries, nuts, green veggies, tea, etc.). I maintained the list for 2 weeks then gave it up because the doctor told me that there wasn't any proof that avoiding the foods/drinks would keep me from having another attack. He said that the current belief was that it "might" help.


But I haven't had any tea since then and I was only drinking herbal, de-caf teas.

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