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Mid-Way to whatever...

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We have freezing fog here today, weather is really foul; we stayed home today rather than hit our usual pattern - basically took the day off.


Something that's been bugging me was the books in the house all mixed up. I have materials from the ALE which I'll return soon, I had her personal reading for fun stuff; our personal copies of academic workbooks, and personal copies of academic supplements. So, now...I went on a spree and sorted them out into different areas of the house so they stay separated for when the time comes.


Her personal fun fuzzy stuff, in her room. The ALE materials in the front closet. The academic workbooks in the backroom, and the supplemental personal in the linen closet.


This *feels* emotionally like a nursery in reverse; it's just some kind of milestone of facing the future.


I've had to turn down a lot of things I could have gotten involved in at the ALE...supportive stuff, I don't have the right to get involved and then pull-out and drop the ball on someone else or actually..no one at all. So I'm in the middle area there also.


I guess what I'm saying is that mentally I've begun the transitioning, and not knowing where it's headed or without a foundation it's sort of weird feeling.


I've turned in what will be our last academic reports, they all went well. I'm dropping classes to make up space and time to work on studies which do not rely on the materials from the ALE.


ALEKs has been a great help mathematically for her, she's really accomplished a lot with that program. She'll probably max out her "pie" in the next week, then I have (hopefully) time to get a MAP test in. Considering that she had her first assessment at 32 concepts noted out of 127, and today stands at only 27 more to finish on it; I'd say that's pretty awesome.


She did this in just under a month. I'm really proud of her. Coverage of the 95 topics in 30 days was not chump dedication on her part (or the family actually). That was a heck of an achievement considering all the tools and books she had to work with to get there.


There is this thing in the back of my mind, wondering...if/when it hits, we leave and it's down to the wire on the next placement...how in the world are we ever going to scale it to work with a PS placement?


We are so deep into these dedicated areas of studies now, there's really no question whether we'd drop them completely, but I know there will be a drastic change in routine soon.


Even darling, who at first was a bit skeptical when we started asked the other day, "How are you going to manage all of this? Can she continue with this when things change?"


I had to admit I don't know how to do it, it's just so big.


I think we are at an ascent point and I'm going to miss this time we had.

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