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gift ideas for teen to give dad

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Dh is a surgeon and doesn't really need anything. My 9yo girl has gotten him a frame and being the artistic one will also make him things. The idea I gave 16yo computer geek was to help me do digital gifts. Dh has taken AWESOME pictures of our Europe trip last May and some of his mission trips over the last few months. He can make posters, blow up pictures, make a DVD of them. He thought that was a great idea and is starting today. Which leaves my 14yo son, who has no idea what to do for him.


My gifts for him include concert tickets for a country artist who is coming here in January, a Texas bird bath, and new scrubs.


Any ideas for 14yo?? I'm out. He already has every tool known to man. There are not any Cd's he wants..

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A new Bible cover


Something for his office not sure what he needs


Journal/ Magazine subscriptionmm maybe an idea for one of his offbeat interests like fishing or history..although since this child likes history that could be a selfish gift too:)


Travel coffee mug youngest got him that last year

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If he likes fishing, maybe something he would like for that - a lure or something? Is there a project your husband has been wanting to do - you mentioned he has a lot of tools - that your son could give him a coupon for his time helping him with the project? Or if they both like history, maybe a coupon for a trip to an historical site nearby? I'm guessing that maybe the thing your husband is most in need of is time which is why I'm suggesting things that they could do together to have some father/son time. :)

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In the last couple of years, my kids have tried to coordinate what they give Dad.


So, two years ago, my son did some woodburning designs and then varnished a wooden end table we bought unfinished. My daughter made a set of those ceramic tile and scrapbook paper coasters to go with the table.


That was a big hit, and both the table and coasters get used every day.


Last year, my son made a steampunk-style chess set with various hardware and painted a wooden chessboard for it. My daughter painted and decorated a wooden box to hold the chess pieces. The set is just gorgeous and is displayed in our living room.


This year, we're having a little more trouble coming up with ideas. So far, the leading contender for my son is to personalize a case for my husband's iPhone. I forget whether we found that on Shutterfly or Zazzle or one of the other, similar sites. But it looks like we can get a nice case for about $40 and put a picture or graphic on it.


My daughter is still stumped, though.


Both of mine are singers/performers, and we've talked for years about calling in favors from some musicians we know and recording a few songs to put on a CD for him. Every year, though, they start getting so busy with rehearsals and performances in October and November that we end up without time once we remember the idea. I still hope to make that happen someday. My husband would love that probably more than anything else we might give him.

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