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Heart of Dakota wth 5 yo., then what?


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Hello, I am researching curriculum choices for my soon to be 5 yo for next school year. I have been looking at heart of dakota because a dear friend highly recommends it and has used it successfully for several years. I really like it for k but do not like the thought of not using other plans, namely a more classical approach after k. I really like Mother of Divine Grace, we are Catholic, and I love IEW. Has anyone successfully used the HOD Little Hearts for His Glory and then moved on or maybe liked it so much they stuck with it? Any feedback would be appreciated....erin

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I think since you are Catholic you will have issue with it starting in the Preparing guide. There is also a chapter in History for Little Pilgrims about Martin Luther (used in LHFHG) that we skipped. It deals with the reformation in a way that I did not like. We skipped Preparing as well. Hero tales was not for us and I found it hard to skip huge chunks of the guide.

I think it would be very easy to use LHFHG for K and then switch to something else. I have done that very thing with one of my kiddos. We used a lot of Seton the next year. LHFHG is a lot of Bible History as well. There are at least 15 units where your read about history box is from one of the children's Bibles that it recommends or your own Bible.

I am using it for K with my ds5 right now and the only change I am going to make is to leave off that chapter on Martin Luther and add in a Saints coloring book from Seton.

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