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  1. Hello, I was looking at getting the Light Speed Nutrition Bundle and the Total Health Curriculum for my 15 yo. dd who is highly interested in health and nutrition. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with either of these and if there was any other recommendations that you could lead me to. Thank you so much, erin.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone uses this at home to teach to their kids. I have a 12 year old son that is very handy with a computer but would like to learn more. Any info or advice would be great. Thank you, Erin.
  3. Hello, my 12 year old son is interested in learning Greek. Does anyone recommend a user friendly program? Thank you, erin.
  4. Hello, I noticed that there have been some posts on this in the past but I wanted to ask more specific questions to get a better feel of which direction to go next...my 14 dd will be 9th grade next year turning 15 in November. She loves taking Latin...I myself have had no Latin background but have been able to teach her using Prima Latina which she started at the end of 4th grade and we did this with my twin boys who were at the end of 2nd grade at the time and then she did Latin Christiana I and we are about to finish First Form Latin. We left the boys behind a few lessons ago because they were needing more hand holding. Obviously we took the very slow route because during this time I have had two babies, etc. etc and it took the back seat....but Now, I am confused as to where to go next. Memoria Press highly recommends that you continue with 2nd Form as they will continue to learn the other two conjugations and much more that they didn't cover in First Form. I was going to have her take the National Latin Exam this year but changed my mind since I noticed that after all of this time of her taking Latin she would only qualify to take intro to Latin. We thoroughly enjoy the Memoria Press program but I also don't know of anything else that I can teach her myself without getting a tutor or possibly taking online ( which could be an option). So, with that said, I was hoping for some guidance...thank you so much, erin.
  5. Hello, has anyone used this? I have twin 6th grade boys that I am interested in using this with. Is there anywhere I can see a sample? Thank you, erin.
  6. Hello, I have been homeschooling for 5 years and just when I think I have things figured out I realize how much I don't. There is so much great curriculum out there, so much to learn, to teach, etc. how do you choose? I love the classical method and cm intrigues me too. I have 6 children...dd 14, twin boys 11, ds 4, dd 2 and ds 6 months. I have help with the little people in the morning and I still can't find the time to get what I want done with the big people. Where does the time go? I would love to hear some of your schedules, daily, weekly, etc. does anyone do block scheduling? Do you do science daily or 2x's a week? How many hours a day do you school? How much is independent work? Anyway, any suggestions, encoyragement would be grand. I need it, thank you so much, erin.
  7. Hello, I am researching curriculum choices for my soon to be 5 yo for next school year. I have been looking at heart of dakota because a dear friend highly recommends it and has used it successfully for several years. I really like it for k but do not like the thought of not using other plans, namely a more classical approach after k. I really like Mother of Divine Grace, we are Catholic, and I love IEW. Has anyone successfully used the HOD Little Hearts for His Glory and then moved on or maybe liked it so much they stuck with it? Any feedback would be appreciated....erin
  8. Who has the best lesson plans for this? I have twin boys that will be studying this next year. I have the full course cdrom with audio. I need them to be as independent as possible because I will have a newborn baby. Any suggestions? Erin
  9. Who has the best lesson plans for this? I have twin boys that will be studying this next year. I have the full course cdrom with audio. I need them to be as independent as possible because I will have a newborn baby. Any suggestions? Erin
  10. Who has the best lesson plans for this? I have twin boys that will be studying this next year. I have the full course cdrom with audio. I need them to be as independent as possible because I will have a newborn baby. Any suggestions? Erin
  11. I have been using Librivox with my boys which has free audio downloads to my ipod. One of my sons just finished The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood while following along with the book and loved it. He is reading the original Peter Pan now. He also enjoyed reading Rudyard Kilplings books. My other son just finished White Fang and Call of the Wild. Enjoy...erin
  12. I am going to test my 5th and 7th graders this week and was curious to see how many days is sufficient to spread out the test. Thank you...erin
  13. Yes, i thought that is what I understand. I just hate to commit to something that I am so unsure about. I wish that I could just get one and try it out. Is there any way to do that? erin.
  14. Wow, that is expensive...thank you for sharing...I think I will wait on that one...lol...have you used this? erin.
  15. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a copy of this? It is recommended in First Start French. Thank you...erin.
  16. My kids wanted me to read the Original Text with the Modern Text. We had fun trying to interpret Shakespeare language. They were getting quite used to it by the end of Macbeth. Even the 10 year old. I was going to read the short version but they wouldn't hear of it. I am looking forward to doing a Midsummer Night's Dream. We listened to Jim Weiss's retelling of it already and they loved it. Has anyone had any problems with the BBC video's of Shakespeare on Netflix? They couldn't stop watching the Taming of the Shrew. I am so new to this so any tips would be highly appreciated...erin.
  17. Here is a link to it. You can look at the entire book online for free. We really enjoyed it. Please tell me what you think. http://nfs.sparknotes.com/ erin....
  18. Hello, I am new to studying Shakespeare with my children. Two of them did a Shakespeare Camp this week on Macbeth. To prepare for it, I bought No Fear Shakespeare which has the Original Text and the Modern English text right next to it. Most people read the Mary and Charles Lamb version but we read the entire text...in only 5 days...they loved it...my question is, how come noone ever recommends No Fear Shakespeare? It helped me understand it and enjoy it as well. Thank you....erin.
  19. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a sample schedule to share of what an average school day looks like for a 5th and 7th grader? Thank you so much...also, how much of the assignments are written out? erin.
  20. I was wondering if it mattered if I did American History in 9th grade as opposed to 8th grade. I have a 7th grade daughter and we are studying Greek and Roman History this year and plan to move forward with Middle Ages next year and I would like to do American History in 9th grade. is there a problem with this? thank you so much...erin.
  21. Hello, I was wondering if anyone uses Sonlight 6 and 7? We have been using SOTW and we are on Chapter 18 of SOTW 2. My dd is entering 7th grade and for some reason I felt I needed to rush her through this to start Sonlight 7 b/c someone gave it to me. I don't want to invest so much into Sonlight 6 which uses SOTW 1 & 2. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have a copy of the Well Trained Mind handy and don't know what is suggested at this stage. I really wanted to get some suggestions from you all now that you know where we are....any good ideas would be greatly appreciated....thank you so kindly....
  22. Are you saying that Wheelock is the best Latin program out there and if so, why? Thanks so much. I am very comfortable with Memoria Press that is why I am so hesitant...erin.
  23. Angela, she does have all of those memorized and is moving along quite nicely. She is moving ahead of her brothers so I am not worried about her staying at their pace. I was worried if I got the First Form Latin it would be too easy for her. I don't want her to be too bogged down either. I will check out the Latin tutor like you said. She tutors them 2x a week. Do you know anything about the FLVS Latin course? erin.
  24. Another option for you might be Fix It Grammar. It is from IEW. It uses all of the things your daughter is tripping up on through editing so it becomes second nature. I am going to use it for my boys next year. It goes well with their writing program. You can check it out on their website. http://www.excellenceinwriting.com/FIX
  25. My 6th grader just finishsed Winston Grammar in January. I felt she got a thorough understanding of grammar from it as opposed to just doing workbook style curriculum. We haven't picked up anything else right now because we have been focusing so much on her writing now. We are going to begin using Advanced Winston Grammar in the fall. I have been pleased with what she has learned.
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