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TT Pre-Calc struggles...MUS?

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We didn't like TT Precalc.... The material is harder, then you review what you did previously, but the review problems have a different take. So first you are learning a new difficult concept, then in the review, have to dig up what you did last week, and a different type of problem. Ugh.


That was dc#1. With dc#2 I did Algebra 2 as a junior, and Lial's Intermediate Algebra as a senior. Much better! Neither dc are math/science types.

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I am not a big fan of TT pre-calc either, I took a look at it and I don't like the constant review, I prefer chapter reviews or things like that. So I say go with MUS which seems to be on the easier side, and maybe supplement with Lial's? I am thinking of doing this next year, even if I just touch on the basics of pre-calc, it will be perfect for my major as I don't want to go to far into nursing. I just want to be a L&D nurse, that's all I want, nothing more and I don't have that desire to go farther, so if your dd doesn't plan on going into a math or science field, MUS sounds good to me! Everyone is different.:)

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I had dd re-do chapter 2. It took a month. She re-took the test and did worse. This is starting to get to me. I feel like this. :banghead:


I would seriously consider switching her to MUS, maybe even find a used program that way it won't cost so much? TT is good for some but is not for everyone. Does she have a solid foundation in algebra 1 and 2? This could also be a problem, if she knows her "stuff" MUS may be better. Lial's Pre-Calc might be a good fit too, this is the series I am using and I love it! Jann in TX has classes to go along with the book and I am enjoying math now, not dreading it. I don't know what else it could be... I wish I could be of more help.:glare:

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I feel the same way with my dd. She is a junior and wants to double major in English and French (work as a translator while she writes the great American novel). I have been trying to find a math for her senior year as she needs 4 years of math for the state university. We are working through Lial's Intermediate Algebra right now. Thanks to your post I took a look at the MUS website last night and decided this is the perfect fit for her. She did MUS geometry last year and it was the first year we had no math tears or frustration. We will be using the precalculus next year. For geometry the lectures were once a week and they weren't terribly long.


As far as Lial's precalculus book goes, I did that with my dd who just graduated. We found the book frustrating at times. Maybe it is better with a teacher but our experience wasn't positive. Lots of frustration from both mom and dd.


Good luck finding what works for your dd. Sounds like MUS might be a good option.

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