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s/o Only children - personalizing education

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I'm probably going to sound like a stalker at the start here. :tongue_smilie:

I adore Paula's website and her postings. She has an only child - a boy - just a few years old than mine. I make a point of reading her posts and her blog entries, seeking wisdom and inspiration.


She said something in the 'only' thread that has really been on my mind lately

Schooling an only is a blast, you can follow rabbit holes, study odd things because of their desire, learn with them, and really make the instruction personalized.
I clicked on her blog after reading that and read her latest update -- more on rabbit holes and studying odd things... :D


I love homeschooling an only child. I really think we have a lot of fun exploring different topics. We go down rabbit holes and go off and study whatever catches our attention.


But when I go back and review what we have studied the past year, it makes me dizzy. And I tend to stress myself out because we don't always get done what we probably should get done.

I worry - with an only child and having the flexibility of really personalizing his education - that maybe we linger too long on some subjects or stray too far from where we should be.

I wonder if I had more children to teach - would I be forced to stay closer to our schedule?

If you homeschool an only (and allow for rabbit holes) how to you find balance between what you should cover and what you want to cover? I am trying a new scheduling system next year and I am hoping it will be that 'middle ground' that I am needing.


I would love some insight or BTDT advice. Thanks.

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