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Email etiquette question

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I have written to a teacher at a CC where my oldest took a course. Rural school, I've been told this teacher is relaxed/informal/fun. I had to ask him for permission to enroll my next high school student in his course as he did not have the prerequisites. He responded, gave permission, and asked about my older son whom he had in class.


I addressed him as Mr. he closed his message with his first name/last name and it clearly was not an automatic signiture line.


1) Should I address him as first name or stick with Mr. last name?


2) I signed my name first/last He responded with Mr. but I am female (hard to tell by my first name). How should I correct that?


Thanks in advance for you opinions!


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Always go with the formal unless specifically told or asked not to. It's better to err on the side of good manners. To correct his error, sign your email as "Ms. So-n-so" so he gets the hint.




I let students call me by my first name or last name. I sign my emails with my full name. Ms. X won't rub me wrong when you're asking for a favor (like skipping prereqs). I'd keep calling him Mr. X until/unless he says, "Call me Y - or starts signing email Y."

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Guest submarines

No harm in being more formal. One can't possibly be offended if called Mr. as it is pretty standard. It is not like you're calling him Your Highness. ;)


I'm not a formal person, so I wouldn't refer to myself as Ms. in a similar situation. I'd probaly work "my husband and I" into my email. :lol:

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