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Memristors: Technology that may revolutionize our children's world!

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If you have any children that are fascinated by new and/or emerging technologies, you may want to have them have a look at memristors. This device was theorized back in the 1970's, but was not physically realized until 2008.


I have it on very good authority that this technology is threatening to supplant existing semiconductor technologies. That is a very grandiose claim which I have heard repeated for decades in my career as an electrical engineer, with silicon semiconductors always winning out by a large margin.


It seems that massive amounts of capital are now starting to pour into this technology not only to advance it, but to commercialize it. What had in the past appeared to be only useful for information storage now may turn out to fundamentally change how logic devices are made.


Apparently HP is one of the leaders in this field.


Watch this closely as it seems that commercial applications may see the light of day sooner rather than later. Perhaps within a decade. We'll see.

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