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calling DDS Hive: baby tooth going to pieces?

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Night before last, 8.5yo dd felt like something was between her teeth and when she scraped at it with her fingernail a piece of tooth fell out. It was part of an upper 1st molar (baby tooth) and next in line to come out (she's been a bit early getting/losing teeth). Zero pain.


Last night another chunk came out when she was flossing, so about 1/3 is out, the distal edge and a pie shaped piece, so that the center is gone. Looking with a light I could see that the tooth was hollow and the permanent molar is coming in underneath (can see the 2 layers of gum and a speck of white). But the darn baby tooth isn't wiggly AT ALL.


DDs teeth dont' come OUT easily (did the shark tooth thing in the bottom front which left a bone chip, and seems to take MONTHS for each to go from loose to out, regardless of how much we get after her to work it).


Anyone else have a baby molar literally fall apart as it got pushed out? Any suggestions to help it out? I'm a bit worried of collecting junk in the open part. I really don't want to have to make an appt with the dentist to pull out a baby tooth (plus it wouldn't be until next week).


What say you, hive? TIA!

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Teeth do hollow out as they loosen. DD had one that started breaking, but it was very loose. She just won't pull teeth no matter how loose they are. We had to take her to the dentist to be numbed to get that and another very loose, hollow tooth pulled.

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DD's first molar came out in one piece, but within an hour of putting it in a bag for safekeeping, it was in three pieces. We asked the orthodontist about it on our next visit, and he did not seem concerned at all. I would try and work the last piece out over the next few days and then call the dentist on Monday. It can't be comfortable for chewing like that.

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