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Schedule for a 1st Grader

Guest hilaryanne

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Guest hilaryanne

We are working on the First Grade work with my daughter, 6.5. And we all enjoy it for the most part. BUT, I'm having a hard time maintaining a schedule with it. When we are home and I was planning to do our school lessons, she finds these wonderfully creative things to do with her time, or is playing beautifully with her brother (4.5) and I just hate to break them up from what they are doing and make her "do school." This is one of the main reasons I am homeschooling (at least for the early childhood years) - so that they CAN still play, pretend, and use their imaginations. But, I also want her to be doing this work, and if we do put her in public school in the coming years (which may happen), I don't want her to be behind because she enjoyed playing more than doing lessons. Hmmmm...


Once we get started, she's pretty into it, but I have such a hard time getting her started! I've tried so many things - "15 more minutes to play..." or doing it at a certain time each day, or "after breakfast we'll get started" but when she wants to build a castle and play creatively with her brother I have a hard time not letting her just do that instead.


Any tips on keeping firm with a schedule for this age?


Thanks so much!


Dylan, 6.5

Noah, 4.5

Dominick, 6 months

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I have a set schedule, partly because we have other commitments to get to on time (preschool for my youngest, sports practices, classes). However, I think I would have the set time schedule anyway because it helps us get into a good routine. Kids thrive on routine for the most part.


We start our day after breakfast at the same time with the Pledge of Allegiance and a patriotic song which I have typed out of song sheets. The kids take turns being the person who gets the flag and song sheets, passes them out, leads the Pledge, and chooses which song to sing. My kids love this, and besides it teaches them the Pledge and traditional songs. After that, they go to their desks to start their work. This makes for a smooth as well as official start to our day.


We have regular breaks for them to play, but I think it is very valuable to keep them on the schedule in order that the necessary work for school gets done. There is plenty of time after school for them to have extended play time. I think that it is good to get them used to a schedule so that when they go back to a school or college, they will be accustomed to it.

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