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Biology: A Search for Order in Complexity

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Short answer: Yes, I have used it. No, I didn't like it. No, dc didn't like it.


This was my third time teaching High School level Biology. I was looking for something to use with my 10 year old who had breezed through Apologia Physical Science the year before. I bought it because it was cheap and it covered the human body (Apologia didn't) without going into too much detail (for a 10 year old) on reproduction.


We found it very dry. It assumed that you were teaching it in a classroom and that the teacher was also presenting additional material that wasn't in the book. I had skimmed through the end of section questions and they looked good, but a lot of the answers weren't found in the book. Very frustrating.


After 4 chapters DS asked if we coud please go back to Apologia. I must say I now really appreciate having books that are written to the student, teach vocabulary, provide (answerable) review questions and testing. Trying to save money didn't work for us in this situation.

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