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Anyone here take This Old House magazine?

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I am trying to find out some info from the September 2011 issue, but don't have a copy and I believe the stores have gone over to October's issue.


I am looking for the brand and color name of the paint used on the cabinets on the magazine's cover photo. It is exactly the color I am looking for, and if someone can tell me if they have this issue and the info is in a resource list, I would be tremendously thankful.


I currently have three different paint samples on my kitchen ceiling and not one of them is just right. Today I saw this magazine in a doctor's office waiting room, but I didn't have my reading glasses with me and couldn't read the small print! It looks like the finished product color I am looking for.


Ok, I confess that I was tempted to swipe the magazine, but I didn't. I suppose I can email the publisher for a back order, or just a question about the paint color, but I need the info quick and you folks are the fastest!

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