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HELP! Dried up wax or wax burn?

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OK we have all done it once..... waxed upper lip w/Nads, got some on my lip and ouch when I pulled. Left a lovely red area on my lip. And there is a red patch above the corner of my mouth. I put hydrogen peroxide both areas, and they turned white and sticky. (Everything else it stung but it looks fine). Am I correct to assume it is wax? If it is it won't come off!! I've tried witch hazel, peroxide, vaseline, the stupid useless wipes that come with the kit, coconut oil. There is no baby oil in the house and I'm not going out!!!


(help) :)

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Hee hee. Not laughing at you, but with you. My dh was out of town for several days last week so I thought I'd try waxing my legs. Ha! I ended up with hair and wax (and fuzzies, lint, etc.) all over my legs, hands and feet (from trying to wash it off in the shower.) What worked for me - grapeseed oil. I use it in the cold months instead of face cream. If you don't have that, I bet olive oil or any other oil would help. I rubbed it in and the wax came right off. Good luck!


ETA: Saw that you already tried coconut oil, but I think that is a diff. consistency so hopefully a diff. oil might help. What doesn't - um, nail polish remover, conditioner, shampoo, a hot shower or exfoliating scrub. :)

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Thanks, I tried the olive oil. Nothing came off. I beginning to think its a burn. I did it last night, so about 18 hours has passed. So I am switching between oil and aloe/antibiotic cream/vit. E. Peroxide, witch hazel and especially alcohol really sting.


Oh, what we go through..... I am being guinea pig for dd..... really glad we didn't both try it... We both have very sensitive skin. I am going to look great this week, good excuse to hide and get stuff done around the house!!

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I rubbed Vit. E on the spots, the one near the corner of my mouth must have had some wax..... Now it is obvious there are layers of skin missing.


So, when I get my nerve up (or the waxing wears off) I will have to find options..... I did see that cream wax is better. And I guess you have to get the warming thing to go with it.


I see an invention in my head, it looks like a tape dispenser with cloth and wax underneath, break a piece off, put it on, take hair off. Any such thing?


Opinions on cream wax or ??

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