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Fun Games for Nature Study


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While we were outside doing Nature Study today 2 very simple games occurred to me, I Spy and Scavenger Hunt. It was a great way to focus on those things we had been learning as well. So, for example playing I spy everyone got a turn listing something they spied and we all had to guess, they had to be as specific as possible( I was stricter with this with my older one) no vague- it's green and it had to be in nature. I did items we had been talking about wildflowers, trees , plants etc. Then at the end I gave them 5 things to find and a bonus 6th item- goldenrod, moss, lichens, thistle, and purple daisies- mullein leaves for a bonus. Those just happened to be things we had identified lately- We had a great time and it was a good way to review what we had been learning.

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