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how to list part year..

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I'm starting to work on the extra-curricular section for my son. He has taken piano since 2nd grade. We switched to a different teacher for 6th grade. In 7th and 8th, he did various competitions and got to play in the recital for the Karp festival both years. Well, 9th grade around about November our teacher's husband fell seriously ill and went into hospice and was expected to die by Christmas. He hung on until the end of March. So our lessons stopped in November. They kept playing. We brought her things and kept up with her. In Feb, she wondered if they should go to someone else, but we love her so much. So, the summer before 10th we started again. He did do some competitions but the Karp festival was the same weekend as the Final Four and dh took the boys as their birthday present. Here we are junior year and he'll compete again. Anyway, how do I list his 9th grade year?? Can I still put piano even though we didn't complete lessons the entire year, nor did he practice as diligently without her. I know I can't put his Karp stuff on there from junior high, so I'm hoping he'll place again this year. He isn't going to be a music major, but this is the only kind of award he's ever gotten.



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I would just put piano for the whole 9th grade year, given the circumstances you described as long as he practiced and/or played at least some of the time when he wasn't doing the lessons. It sounds like piano is really important to him, and given the award, I doubt anyone would question exactly when he went to lessons and when he didn't. My son had things like scouts and church youth group on his applications. He went to most of the associated activities, but not all of them. No one ever even asked exactly when he went and when he didn't.




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Yes, don't worry about getting too nit-picky; if this were a one-off event, you would list it in the grade it was done, or in the calendar year it was done, so I wouldn't stress about it.


List either by grade; example:





1. Piano

Description of what was done, lessons, competitions, etc. ....




Or, better, just list by activity, with year(s) in which the activity took place :





PIANO (2008-2011)

Description of what was done, lessons, competitions, etc. ....



And, just to add a comment in response to your worries on your other thread on the 9th grade DS not having extracurriculars and not looking like he will -- he'll mature a lot; he'll develop interests in the next 3 years. And if not, then just sign him up once a semester and/or over the summer for a one-off event or short-term activity (a month, or a few weeks), to encourage trying new things. Like Mikey in the old Life-brand cereal TV commercials, your DS might suddenly discover "he likes it!" ;)


And no, our DSs are NOT natural organizers -- BUT, being involved in the homeschool group's Student Council slowly, gently, by seeing the older students organize things, helped them see HOW it could be done. And so as they got older (i.e., 11th, 12th grades), then a homeschool advisor, or the church Youth Group director could just say, "Hey, I need you to organize this for me." And they did it. And did fine. (And they were "volunteered" by someone older who knew they COULD do it, that they just needed a little push to get started.)


Warmest regards, Lori D.

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