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Hi everyone,

I'm stuck on a problem from Foerster Precalculus (1-3, #13) - I just can't figure out how to input an equation into the y= editor of my TI-84.


First I must enter f(x) = 4 x square root of (1-x) + 2.25 x (x-l).

I put this in y subscript 1.


Then I also have to enter -2 + 3f(x-6). My problem is that I can't figure out how to write f(x) in this way in the y-editor. (After I input these two equations, I am supposed to graph them and see if they match up to the graphs in the text. The topic is transformations - dilations and translations - of functions.)


Hopefully this was clear. If anyone could help me, that would be great!

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