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Shepherd's Purse for Heavy Bleeding Perimenopause

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Does anyone have any experience with Shepherd's Purse for heavy bleeding. I've been on Provera and Prometrium and neither gave any relief from very prolonged heavy bleeding. After 2 months of bleeding I took 30 drops of this tincture in water 3 times and the bleeding has amazingly all but finished. My question for those in the know: Is this just a band-aid solution or can Shepherd's Purse actually regulate periods? I have seen a dr. who prescribes bioidentical hormones and she has given me a script for progesterone cream 75 mg twice a day. However, before I use the cream, I'm wondering if I should pursue the Shepherd's Purse instead since it seems to have worked so well so quickly. Advice from any experts would be most appreciated!!!

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I have started pre menopause and bled for 5 weeks non stop. Clots and heavy bleeding with accidents and all the inconveniences hard uterine bleeding can cause. I went to the doctors and was prescribed birth control pills. Doctor also verified by blood test that I was severely anemic and almost in need of a blood transfusion. (no surprise to me, I couldn't walk up the stairs without my heart pounding VERY fast and being out of breath..... restless legs and migraines too).


I have not had good results using synthetic hormones in the past and since I didn't want to take the pill, I researched the Internet for natural alternatives. It was there that I found Shepherd's Purse.


The recommended dose of Shepherd's Purse did not work for me so I beefed it up to 60 drops in about a 1/2 cup of water and drank it every hour for 8 hours a day. I did this for 2 days and my bleeding has nearly stopped. I don't even fill one pad a day. I had to order more and will continue to drink it until my bleeding stops completely.


I read this on "African Herbs and Medicines" website in regards to Shepherd's Purse... "This hormone acts by constricting the smooth muscles that surround blood vessels. With respect to uterine blood loss, physicians in the Nineteenth century would certainly look to use shepherds purse as a treatment solution".....


All I can say first hand is that this herb tincture cured my bleeding without the use of artificial hormones. This has been a life saver for me...:hurray:

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