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Craig's List Etiquette

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Remember I got an email about our futon earlier this week w/ a phone #? I responded by email, & later that day had another response.


After a couple of questions, the 2nd guy said he's interested--would be able to pick it up either Thurs (tonight) or this weekend. I've been back & forth w/ him a little via email, but I haven't heard from him today, so I figure he's probably coming some time this weekend?


Meanwhile, this afternoon, I got another email from the 1st lady. She says she wants the futon but will be away from her email & please call her. I decided to wait until the end of the day today (to hear from the other guy) before calling her. But...am I being fair? I really just want somebody to come get this beast out of my living room, lol! Shall I email the guy to confirm a time for this weekend, call the girl, or something else?



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First come, first serve.


It's the lady who's insisting you call her that is out of line. It's an internet based advertisement; most people expect to correspond via email. Besides that, if she wants the item, SHE needs to take the initiative to contact YOU. Would be better for her to ask for YOUR number and ask if it's okay to call you and what times are best.


He's been a better communicator, and if he gets there first, by all means. If he no-shows, email her and let her know that you prefer contact via email and if she'd like the thing, to let you know when she'll be there to get it, etc. :)


Sell on your terms, not theirs/hers!

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