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Does anyone know....

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IQ tests require an advanced degree to interpret. There are testers that could go to your house and give the test, but there are not any true IQ tests that can be done by a parent.


If expense is a problem many psychology departments give low cost tests because the students need to administer a certain number of tests to get their degree. And many school districts have a psychologist that can give the tests too.

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Nothing that will be real or accurate. You can administer the Cogat, but it is inaccurate. It will get you closer. If your child scores 50th percentile, you will know he/she is about there. But if your child scores 95th percentile, you know you are close enough to the ceiling that it is not very accurate.


When my child got 100% correct...her IQ was supposedly 135 I think, according to that test. But when she went to a psychologist who did the testing, her IQ was much higher. (in the plus zone). If you cannot score any higher than 135, thhen that is the ceiling and higher scores than that won't be registered but clearly some children have the higher scores.


But I think the test is a good one. I would just get the percentile and realize, when you get high enough, then you are talking more of being inaccurate.

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