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9th & 10th grade

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My dd did:

Sonlight 300 World history for: history / Bible



German I (Powerglide)

Home Ec (1/2) PE (1/2) Sewing (1/2) Fine Arts/piano - 1/2

English: Speech with coop / Analytical Grammar / Lit in SL core / writing with a tutor


For 10th, so far for sure:


Algebra II

German II

Fine arts

But...totally stressing over history, Enligish.


A neighbor homeschools & said she could particpate in their BJU curriculum for history, but they're doing world history next year. She'd have 2 years of world history, then 1 US History & Gov't her senior year.


It feels like a failure on my part to send her to the neighbors, but balancing her needs & the small ones in the household is a challenge.


Considering MFW. She did SL Core 100 in 8th grade.


Any suggestions?

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It's not a failure at all to use neighbors, in fact, I think it's a great resource, and you're wise to choose that option if it fits her needs (and yours) well!


Do you like your neighbors? Does your dd like them? Would she want to go there for history?


MFW is also World History for 10th grade. Ancients is in 9th. You probably already know that. :) Anyway, it is a fairly rigorous college-prep program that is written to the student. It's all prepared. My dd just turned 14, and she's been doing the AHL mostly on her own this year. Easy to understand and follow directions, thorough program, interesting..... Your student would be able to work on it mostly independently, or you could be involved more if you wish. If you're busy with youngers, then MFW is a great curriculum for the older to use!


Either way it looks like you dd could do what's required well enough for you to have time to help your youngers! Ask her which she thinks she would prefer! :D


Best wishes!

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Would she be interested in Core 200 (Church History)? We found it to be an easy core to tweak and didn't demand a lot of time.


If your daughter likes the neighbor and you feel it would be a course that would work well, I don't see any problem. SL 300 focuses on recent world history; BJU would add in all those other centuries :-)


I would suggest that if she is planning to go to college that you look at the history requirements and make sure you are covering what she may need.

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