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Science question...bluebird nestbox

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I wasn't sure where to put this, and it is school related, so...we have a bluebird nestbox in our yard, and last year we had a successful time with it, This year we had 3-4 eggs and then one day they were gone. We found them not far from the nest, broken. So, do I need to clean out the nest and let them start over? or will they come back and start over again? so far, no new eggs, but I know they lay up to 3 nests a year. thanks!

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For whatever reason, our nest hasn't been used this year either. When this has happened to us in the past I cleaned out the box and left it propped open for a month.... to air it out and kill whatever small critters may be in there. Most birds have a very poor sense of smell because their mouth cavities are keratinized. (think about what a parrot's tongue and mouth looks like.... hard and dry, not soft and moist). So you don't have to worry about the smell... but I like to air the box out once in awhile to eliminate any lice, etc that may have been living in there.


Can't hurt to try it.

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