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  1. A club sandwich. I toast my bread with cheddar and moz. cheese. Add turkey, ham, lettuce, Miracle Whip, bacon, and tomato. Dip in honey mustard dressing.
  2. All my kids have been strong math students. I used ABeka Math with all four of them through 4th grade. After 4th I changed to Rod & Staff.
  3. I bought this curriculum before they changed it to online. We loved it. The things we learned about the different artists seemed to stick with my younger boys moreso than other things I had tried.
  4. I'd go with SOTW for your kids. I liked TOG, but I would use it with older children.
  5. We've used Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and will be trying out the Pre-Calculus this fall. It has worked well for us.
  6. The Landmark History of the American People by Boorstin. This was part of one of Sonlight's history programs. I found it absolutely fascinating.
  7. My son has a blood sugar meter called the Freestyle Flash. It only takes a small amount of blood and he can prick the top of his arm. It gives his fingers a rest. Sometimes you do need to do a finger stick, but for other times it helps to use another site.
  8. My 13yo son was diagnosed Type 1 five years ago. We received very thorough training while we were in the hospital. He's on an insulin pump now. I highly recommend that you find a good pediatric endocrinologist to follow up with and see regularly. I do know how overwhelming it is in the beginning. When they discharged us from the hospital I cried because I was so scared to bring him home. I know you probably won't believe this now, but it will get easier. Keeping blood sugars stabilized is a process. Don't go home and expect them to immediately stay within range all the time. There will be ups and downs because lots of things affect blood sugars.
  9. My inlaws hardly call my kids and they're the only grandchildren they have. I understand about the hurt. Even after all these years it still bothers me. (By the way, I noticed we have the same quote by Jim Elliott)
  10. Keebler Danish Wedding Cookies (very nutritional :D)
  11. I am the 4th and the youngest. I also was a spoiled brat. My mom said that after the first three, she and my dad were "just tired" and didn't feel like doing anything with me. I would like to say, however, that I am much improved!:)
  12. We're going to use it this fall. We have used several of the TT courses. I'm disappointed that the CD lectures aren't ready yet to go with the book, but we're going to use it anyway. My dh (who is the math person in this household) had looked at Thinkwell, but was really put off by the price.
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