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Biblioplan or MOH??


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We've been using SOTW w/ activity guide this year and I like it alot...but I want something to add in a biblical aspect for next year when we study Medieval History. I also looked at TOG but think it is too much for our family right now.


Could I have some opinions on pro's/con's of these? Or if you have used both, which you like best and why? I'm not really into hands on projects and have skipped alot of the projects from SOTW this year...but my kids really love them and I have decided we need to do more of them whether I like it or not! lol!



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I don't know much about MoH. I had the volume 1 book for awhile and didn't really like the tone of the writing. But if you're fine with that (and I hear subsequent volumes got better), I think one would like MoH if they want all of their history in 1 book. Or 1 primary spine. If you like to have readers and multiple sources, Biblioplan will schedule that out for you. We use Biblioplan and with that we are using SOTW, Kingfisher, Cultural Atlases, the Bible, and Famous Men books, along with readers and family read-alouds. And you can even use Biblioplan with MoH as they have added that source to their schedule I believe.


One thing to keep in mind is that Biblioplan has a lot of biblical history in the ancients year (year 1) because that is when it occurred. Year 2 will have church history, but no bible readings. If that is what you want, it may not be a good fit.

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