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Homeschool funnies from the CHEC magazine

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These are from the CHEC Homeschool Update/ Second Quarter, 2008, page 10:


The author, Carol Barnier, writes about possible homeschool book titles that we will never see:


22 Ways to Encourage Social Workers to Come Over for Tea


NEA's Book of "Why YOU Should Homeschool"


Keeping Your Hired Domestic Staff Motivated and Happy


Getting Expelled From Your Support Group...and other Ways to Liven Up Meetings


Dr. Seuss' Version of 10 Commandments. (I DO NOT want my neighbor's cow. I DO NOT want it then or now.)


There are Absolutely NO Absolutes...Post-Modernism Truths...er, um suggestions...thoughts...well, you know...


Making Usable Furniture from Unused Curriculum


Mini-Van and Paper Mache: How Will You Find Your Van in a Conference Parking Lot?


Coon Skin Caps from Road Kill--A Thrifty Mom's Story


Some of My Best Friends Use Public Schools--The New Face of Tolerance


Keeping the Heart of the Children Who Will One Day Choose Your Nursing Home


Pot Holders, Pup Tents, and Other Great Uses for Those Old Denim Jumpers


Local Support Groups Launch New 12 Step Recovery Program


"He's One Stone Short of a Temple"...and other Ancient Hebrew Jokes


Our Weapon of Choice: The Glue Gun


"I've Been Called for Jury Duty"--55 Great Ideas for Getting Dad to Teach Today


I ONLY Have 3 Children!--and Other Embarrassing Homeschool Confessions


How to Win National Spelling Bee, Geography Bee and Quilting Bee in 5 Easy Lessons!


Creating a Walk-Through Digestive Tract (and other Science-Alive Moments)


"I Wasn't Sleeping! I was Meditating on our Family's Mission Statement!": Quick and Believable Responses When Caught Dozing


Classical-Shmassical: Whatever Happened to Recess?


Dust Bunny/Cheerios Sculptures: Creative Ways to Get YOUR Kids to Tidy Up


"I Just Can't Get That Tomato Out of My Head!" One Mom's Courageous Battle with Veggie Tales Abuse


Boundaries and the Deadbolt Solution: Finally Going to the Bathroom Alone

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