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Kroger shopping aisle list? Do you have this?

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I'm desperately trying to organize my life better and grocery shopping is one area. I shop at several places, but largely at Kroger due to proximity.


I'm wanting to make a shopping list pad that is arranged by the aisles at Kroger.


For example:


Aisle 1 (bread, canned vegetables)


Of course, I "know" what's on each aisle, but can't remember when I get home in order to organize my next shopping list. I'm constantly rescanning my shopping list while at the store before I leave each aisle to make sure I don't have to go back (and I ALWAYS miss something and have to).


I can organize this myself, but thought someone my already have it done on a document to share. I know it sounds like I'm a total dingbat, but grocery shopping really overwhelms me.


Thanks, Debbie

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