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Yet another TOG question-re: books worth purchasing


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So I downloaded the 3 week sample and I see the Usborne Encyclopedia of the Ancient World listed as well as What the Bible is All About...are these two booksth worth it? Even if I don't go ahead with TOG (which I hope we will) they look like good resources. Are those books used throughout Y1?


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I *think* you can use the World History book instead of the Ancients book. You might check and see if that's a cheaper way to go. I'm going to try Y2, and it recommended the Middle Ages book, but I already have World History (which WTM recommends using along with SOTW anyway). My research into this question seemed to be yes, they're the same info, but you just have to figure out what page to read based on the topic, which shouldn't be difficult.


Of course, I don't have TOG in my hands yet, so this is just what I found via research, not actual experience. ;) A lot of the history curricula out there use the World History book (Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History).

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