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Latin ?

Roxy Roller

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I have never studied Latin, and I am planning to start with my DD11 next year. I am a little confused by the whole-to-parts and parts-to-whole question. Will someone please explain it to me and give samples of each type of program? Which would be best for a beginner in 7th Grade?


Thank you

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Here's a past thread listing programs in each type:




Perhaps there are newer ones as well.


A seventh grader can begin Latin in either type of program--that's really a matter of your own philosophy and preferences and your past experience with your child.


Susan Wise Bauer is partial to parts-to-whole programs (her term), but there are fans of both kinds at this forum.


I'm exceedingly partial to parts-to-whole programs myself [grin].


Many people find that parts-to-whole programs are easier to follow for Latin beginners and for Moms who are learning Latin themselves. In this type of program grammar instruction is generally explicit in the student text, and the grammar instruction precedes the translation work for the chapter. Translation skills are built on the foundation of mastery of applicable grammatical components like verb and noun forms. Fans say that well-done examples of this type of program are efficient and interesting (if they offer enough translation); critics say they are intrinsically stultifying.


In whole-to-parts programs, reading passages come first, with grammar explanations either following later, or located in the teacher's materials. The idea is that the student is guided into grammatical knowledge as needed by inference from the reading material. Fans say these programs are natural and stimulating; critics find them confusing.


Enjoy your research and your hunt!


(By the way, possibly more people will jump in to answer your question if you mention your interest in parts/whole issues in your subject line. You could win one of those blazing envelopes!)

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No advice on parts to whole or whole to parts as I'm still trying to understand what it is.


For that age I like the Latina Christiana series or Latin for Children. Reason being there are DVD's that go along with the program and I can see and hear at the same time. I find the older I get the more I need that. LOL.


If your looking for something that is submersive there is the Little Latin Reader program. I've been hearing really good reviews. They learn the language by reading it.


I believe there is also Minimus that follows the same idea.


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Minimus is fun. My older 2 loved the mouse. The TM IS needed for the program as it has the translations and lesson plans. Keep in mind it is written from the point of view that the teacher is a Latin teacher.

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Memoria Press Latin is great. We have used Prima Latina and Latina Christiana. They have a forum,too. If you head to their forum and ask which program to start with, their friendly Curr. Advisor will answer your question personally within a couple of days (usually one business day!).


www.memoriapress.com link to forum is toward the bottom of left side naviagtion.

I don't have Latin either, but once I got used to the format & started learning along with the kids, it went well!

We are about to start First Form, one of their newer Latin Programs.


All the best!

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