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Christian Liberty Press??

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They are very inexpensive, godly materials. We have used a few of their elementary history readers for IEW writing assignments, and they worked well for that purpose. I bought Streams of Civilization for my high schoolers and they both thought it was incredibly boring. We ended up switching to Spielvogel for a high school history spine.


Hope you get some good answers.

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We used only a few high school resources because most of their selections didn't fit our definition of "classical". We did use their testing service and quite a few of their elementary resources. Dealing with them was always a positive experience. CLP has been around for quite awhile and I've always heard good things from their customers. My son loved their spelling program, and their Nature Readers have a permanent spot on my bookshelf.


I believe they've changed some of their suggested curricula and services since I last ordered such as dropping the writing evaluation service. I think CLP offers good services for very reasonable prices, so if you find their religious and educational philosophy a good fit you'd probably like the company.

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We use some of their materials off and on. The elementary history books have been used here. They seem to be a spine and we spin off into other living books. We needed more help in writing essays this year, so I purchased the 10th grade composition book. It might have grammar as well, but we don't need that instruction. So far, my daughter is doing well with their instruction. I purchased the tests and teachers guide as well, but found they were really cut out for the traditional school mode, so we've not really used these.


Right now, she is working on writing a research paper. We have done writing lessons with many different programs and much on-your-own so having the detailed approach is what was needed.

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