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IEW's Student Writing Intensive... Level B or C?


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Hi all!


I have two kids that I'm considering doing SWI with. They will be sixth and ninth grades this fall. He's a decent writer already, but he is definitely reluctant. I want to prepare him for high school level writing. Will level B do that?


It looks like they can both do B and then go on to Continuation Course B and then C without doing SWI C. Has anyone done that?


I already own TWSS.

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Do you know that they are supposed to go from SWICC B to C? I was thinking that they would move onto Essay or something after B. I didn't think they ever jumped from letter to letter. I could be totally wrong, just want some clarification for myself.


There is a flow chart thing on IEW's website that seems to indicate this, but I'm tired. Am I reading it wrong? Figured someone here might have tried it.


If I can get away with going from SWI B to SWICC B to SWICC C (high schooler only no doubt), that would be almost too good to be true...


Here's the chart:





Oh, and I've actually owned SWI C before but sold it :banghead:.

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Yes the sequence would be to go from SWI B to Continuation Course B and then C. SWI C is the same as B just different source texts. But I would have your 9th grader at some point do Elegant Essay. It says if you're starting in 9th grade do SWI and EE together. Your younger son could just do SWI without EE. I think level B should be fine for both of them. My 8th grader is finishing SWI this year and will do elegant essay next year. Then they could both move on to SICC B and C if you choose.

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