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Coolers for big family/lots of baseball

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April - the beginning of baseball season - is fast approaching, and I will be packing dinner for our family of 8 almost every night. I have to eat real food (not concession stand hot dogs). The budget and my children's health demand that I pack real food for them, too. I have some ideas and experience with menus, but I'd like to be more efficient about the packing. Hitherto, I've used an old purple soft-sided 12-can insulated bag and tossed in each person's portion in a sandwich bag. I'd like something I can actually enjoy using and perhaps a more ecologically appropriate packaging plan.


Does anyone have a recommendation?

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I don't know if you can sew, but you can make reusable snack bags and sandwich wraps.


We usually use a cooler with wheels. I fold a couple blankets (to sit on) and put on top and pull around. I just got 2 soft sided coolers for Christmas that we are going to try out. One is 12 can and one is 18 can I think.

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I don't want to derail your thread, but I wonder if you would share some of your menu ideas.

I usually race home immediately after the game to finish a mostly-prepared dinner and get it on the table.

I wouldn't mind taking dinner to the park, but I don't know if my family would be thrilled with sandwiches for dinner three nights a week. ;)

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Well, the all-time easiest is braided, stuffed bread. Sometimes I can even sneak veggies in there. I cut it into big portions before we leave. Calzones are the same idea.


Carrot sticks have to go a long way toward the vegetable part of baseball dinners. I'd like to get celery, broccoli, jicama, grape tomatoes in there this season, perhaps with a good dip or dressing.


I'm thinking of getting sealed containers for each person and putting our favourite lasagne or pinto bean casserole in there. A bag of tortillas would round out the casserole. Garlic breadsticks would go with the lasagne.


Burritos/cheese, meat and bean wraps work.


Frittata wedges would be good.




Oven-fried chicken travels well, and cool oven-fries aren't too bad with a BBQ sauce type dip!


I usually pack myself a big salad with chicken or hard-boiled eggs and add the dressing from a small jar at the game.


I'm getting pretty good at making granola bars, though brownies and lemon bars work, too. Fresh fruit is almost always a hit, even to share with other families.


Bags of home-popped popcorn with herbs and maybe parmesan cheese can keep people busy for a while.


I must confess that everyone is usually still hungry when we get home, so I try to have a 'midnight snack' ready.


Can't wait !!!! :D

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