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Continuing reading instruction


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My ds is 10 and has now caught up to his grade level for reading. However, his fluency is still slow. He stumbles quite a bit.


We are about to complete REWARDS. I'm wondering what to do at this point. Do I just let him read and figure that fluency will come, or do I continue instruction in some way?


We will start AAS back up as soon as we are done with REWARDS. Would AAS be enough to reinforce his reading instruction?

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First of all, congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment!


Last year, ds13 followed REWARDS with Webster's. In addition to building fluency by reading (below or right on level), we had to work on comprehension, vocab and writing. Because of his limited reading, everything else was sooo far behind. The reading was the easiest part to fix!


Basically, I immersed him in good language - read alouds, audiobooks. I found that he never before interacted with language, because reading was such a challenge. He never thought about the author's intent or style or message or asked why certain sentences sounded good or bad. Ds's vocabulary was limited as well. The difference between this year and last is huge. Writing is still a struggle, but this son is back at ps, so I have little time to make a big difference. :001_huh:


Anyway, you get a great big pat on the back for a job well done. Have fun watching your son open up to reading! :001_smile:

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