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Abbeyej-- will you please tell me a little bit about Stewart English??

Virginia Heather

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I've seen you mention it before, and now that ds is finally reaching junior high age (and thus ready for a junior high level text), I can't seem to find a sample page anywhere.


Is it, by any chance, heavy on parsing/diagramming/parts-labeling?? (I'd like that, truth be told.) I've been working through R & S for a few years now (ds is wrapping up 6th grade)... on and off. "On" when we get to it; "off" when time runs short (or when it seems we're getting stuck in the fluff-n-stuff or rut of been-there/know that.)


I LOVE the look of MCT's grammar... but your recommendations never disappoint! So before I jump the R & S ship (potentially), will you share a bit more about Stewart's? I'd love something academically rigorous while still focusing heavily on the grammar of each sentence to THEN create a better writer. Make sense? And thanks :)

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For samples, check Rainbow Resource or Christian Book. (At Rainbow, click "more views" under the photo of the cover.) They have different samples, and you may want to look at all three levels to get a better idea. I only wish they had more pages from later in the book, where the concepts and tasks become much more challenging.


Stewart doesn't include diagramming. But it's pretty deep and really requires a thorough understanding and depth in order to be able to complete the exercises.

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