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clothes for chubby babies

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Is there a good brand to go to for a chubby baby? He's going to be 1 in a few weeks, and his 12 month/18 month clothes (mostly Carters, Old Navy, Baby Gap, the bean brand from Kohls) have the length but are too tight. Or is there a good style to go with instead? Should I maybe look for rompers in a 24 month size and kind of hem them in the sleeves and legs? I live in an area where he'll still need warm clothing until about May.


:lol: He's such a butterball, but he is adorable! I just don't want him to feel like a sausage.

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In my exp baby/toddler clothing gets longer but not wider as you move up in size.


If you can sew at all consider making a few pair of pants. You can trace a pattern from a pair that are "close" onto a piece of newspaper. Just add an inch of width to each piece at the top (can taper from the ankle) and allow 5/8" for each seam side. Choose any fabric with a bit of stretch for comfiness.


Baby pants are longer in back than front, otherwise you're cutting 4 identical fabric pieces (the difference you can eyeball -- after cutting 4 identical pieces, just cut a curved taper of an inch shorter to the front mid-seam off 2 of them (or duplicate what your "nearly there" pants do). zip-zip 4 straight seams, put in an elastic waistband and hem. I RARELY sew, but from start to finish was about an hour for 2 pair, most of that was hand hemming. It was very satisfying to have well fitting clothes for my baby. :D

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