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s/o cat vaccinations

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I've got 2 cats coming up on 1 yr old shots and visit. I'll get the shots, no problem, but I didn't finish the rounds of kitten shots because it was so expensive with 2! I also think I picked an expensive vet. (They have a 1-800 number calling me to set up the next appointment. They sent me a quarterly magazine as well.) Is it ok to call around and say to ask how much 1 yr old ct shots are? Price compare.


Also, we have a vet school nearby. I'd find a vet within 5-10 minutes. The vet school is more like 15-20 minutes. Do they have a clinic? Probably and would you take your pets there? If I could save money and still get decent care, I'd be willing to drive the extra. (Cats are iffy on driving but they haven't gotten sick in the car. The dog loves going for rides.)

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Pricing should be less and the vet students should be closely monitored. It's harder to get into vet school than med school! You are also welcome to call local vet clinics and ask for their fees - also ask if they offer multiple pet discounts. Anyone that doesn't care to give you that information over the phone doesn't want your business.

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