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Antibiotic side effects

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I am so frustrated. I swear my 13 year old son has been sick for three weeks. He hasn't been sick enough for a doctor (I thought) but just sneezing, having a sore throat. He's had better days and worse, but generally just been in poor health. He's a swimmer, so I keep thinking that chlorine doesn't help, but he's probably missed more than half his practices anyway.


So I finally took him to the doctor, feeling foolish for doing so because he's not been seriously sick - just low grade.


He has a low grade temp (100.2) and his blood cell count was just a bit elevated. Doctor gave him Azthromycin because he possibly has a sinus infection, even though his mucus is clear (tmi, I know).


So today, he's nauseous. I did read online that one side effect can be nausea, but it's only about 5% of people. It's just a 5 day course of treatment, so tomorrow is day 3.


Do I stop the meds and call in the morning for something else? Just finish the 5 days and not worry about the nausea? He isn't vomiting. My kids are rarely sick, and I think I have only give one an antibiotic one other time, so this might seem elementary, but not to me!

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well, I'm not expert, but my dd (almost 2) is on antibiotics (a different kind) and she was throwing up every time I gave it to her. Nausea and vomiting are listed as side affects and I called the pharmacist and he said it was antibiotics and just stick it out and make sure she has as much in her tummy as possible all the time. (to reduce the nausea). As long as she eats really well when we give her the meds that seems to help. I'd just stick it out, although I know it's no fun to feel that way.

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