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If you are grateful a youth group, let's hear about it!

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I am so grateful for our youth minister and our youth group. Our youth minister is in his 30's and is one of the most mature Christians I know. He does love silly things--it's part of his personality--and the youth do play silly games, have messy nights, etc. I have one ds who does not like silly stuff and 3 who love it. All 4 are very comfortable in the group. The ds who doesn't like silly stuff doesn't go on those nights or doesn't participate if he doesn't want to. The youth also have high quality teaching and I am thrilled that each of my sons is discipled not only by dh, who is awesome, but by this incredible youth minister and others on his team. The are leaders from college age through 50's. Parents' input is respected and desired. Parents are encouraged to be volunteers. There is a family potluck once a month.


Kids are encouraged to develop all ways spiritually: to love God, to love people, and to serve. Kids are developed as leaders as well. The kids have an opportunity to attend youth Sunday school (large and small group teaching), youth group (teaching, worship, fun games, food, etc.), life groups (small group Bible study/discipleship), mentoring, mission trips, etc. The youth are encouraged to serve in other areas of the church as well. Though they have "youth" activities, I don't feel they are excluded from the rest of the church or exclusive in being their own clique. I LOVE our youth minister and the opportunities my kids have. The command to "make disciples" was given to the whole church and there weren't age limits on that. I am thankful to have such wonderful Christians come alongside us in discipling our kids. It's true that I wouldn't enjoy every single activity and I've expressed my dislike for some now and then. But not one of us is perfect and I am grateful for the way they love Jesus share that love for my dc!


To them and all dedicated youth workers out there, THANK YOU!


If you were grateful for your youth group growing up, or if you're grateful for the youth group your kids are part of, chime in!

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I, too, am grateful for our youth group. The youth leader and his wife are young and energetic. They have been wonderful examples for my sons. While there are times I'm irritated about aspects of the program, I know that the frustration is usually just a function of my own ideals and I cannot really expect everyone to embrace all of my individual convictions.

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I am absolutely so grateful for my kids' youth group! They are an amazing group of kids who spur each other on in the Lord and work together to minister to others. They are an encouragement to each other to do what is right and to live according to the Word of God. They challenge each other in their faith--they don't always agree, but, they can disagree and still love each other.


These are kids who are so appreciative of relationships because they have lived for several years without them while being here in Guatemala. They are amazing kids with dreams, goals, vision, and purpose. I'm so glad my dc have them as friends.


Our youth pastor isn't into playing games with them. They have fun, but, they reach out too. Our youth group is a multi-cultural group and it's bi-lingual. That's a challenge and yet they all work with it as though it's the most natural thing in the world to have people from several countries there all the time and many language barriers to overcome. They make it happen!


I'm just so grateful because I've seen real spiritual growth in my dc because of their youth group relationships.

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