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TRISMS for a gifted 7th grader?

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My daughter Cindy is almost 11. She is currently doing Sonlight core 6, Voyages in English 6, and a high school level earth science. I have to constantly add books to her reading schedule because she blows through them so quickly-0 and writes a book report on each one. I am switching over to TRISMS for 6th grade and up starting next year.

My dilemma is this- Should I put her in History Makers or in the Ancients? Her sister Natalie, who is almost 13, will be in 8th grade next year. She is finishing core 7. They seem to work on about the same level, with the younger one able to do more. My plan for TRISMS was to start teh Ancients with 8th grade and take 2 years to do the Age of Revolution. I would like to keep Nat and Cindy together if I could, because my oldest is a year ahead of them. I am undecided about where to start the two of them. I feel like History Makers would give them a better foundation, but I would have to do it in a year to stay on track.

So, any opinions....History Makers or Ancients?


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My 5th grader is doing HM this year. I can make it as easy or as hard as he needs. If you wanted to, you could certainly use HM and make it harder. I have found HM jumps a lot (duh, it's all of history in a year.) I've heard that it is the weakest of all of the books. (Not to knock HM. I love it) All this is a long way of saying that if I were choosing, I'd go straight to Ancients.

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

I would look at what you plan to use in High School and work backwards. Even if you were to use AOR over 2 years instead of 1 you would still be left with an extra year if you start DAW in 7th grade. I didn't love History Makers but would probably have my child either do History Makers in 7th grade or a separate history study of her choice and then start DAW in 8th so you can do the 4 High School volumes over 5 years.

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