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Classical Kids CDs - teacher's notes?


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I have heard good things about the Classical Kids CDs, such as the Beethoven Lives Upstairs. I went to their website (http://www.childrensgroup.com/product.php?mode=cat&cid=classic_eng) and noticed that they also have Teacher's Notes to coincide with each CD.


They also sell a "Classical Kids Teaching Edition" with all the CD's (9 in all), Teacher's Notes, DVD's and a Slideshow DVD with pics of the composers. It is pretty expensive ($299) but I wondered if anyone had ordered it and found it to be worth it to have all the materials.


Has anyone used the Teacher's Notes and, if so, did you find them useful?



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Honestly, I wouldn't worry about the teacher notes with the ages of your kiddos. We have three of the cds and LOVE them. We just listen to them together and then they narrate the story back to me. Sometimes we listen to them in the car on the way to lessons and I don't even worry about the narration. I read a great book to my dd that goes along well with the Vivaldi one, called Maria's Gift (or something like that, I got it from the library). Also, on the classical kids site they have a short info. sheet with puzzles and coloring items on it. I think it is plenty for the introduction phase. ;)

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