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  1. Hello, We recently completed the MCT's Town level and I was researching what to purchase for the next level - Voyage. In the past, I have only purchased the TG of all the books (except the practice books where I get both student and TG). However, for the Voyage, it seems like he is really recommending getting both the student and TG for Grammar Voyage. Has anyone used the newer 3rd edition and is the student and TG both needed? We also used the Classical version of CE 1 last year and really enjoyed it ~ although I saw that they now have a color edition available! ;) Also, is the student book necessary for World of Poetry or Essay Voyage? Whew! It is getting expensive to keep up with this curriculum and we really like it but are trying to keep costs down as much as possible. ;) Thanks for the help, Jenny
  2. Thank you all for responding. Another question, do you guys have your students memorize the stems and vocab words? If so, do you make charts or flash cards for them? Just curious! ;) Again, thanks for the help -- I think I may have been making this too hard! :)
  3. Hello ~ I decided to order the new classical education edition of the revised Caesar's English 1. My oldest son (4th) and I have just been reading through it together. Is there anything else recommended with this? I realize this came out just over a year ago, but I was wondering if anyone could offer advice on how to implement and schedule? Thank you so much! Jenny
  4. I just watched a very powerful video and it can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/embed/7y2KsU_dhwI?rel=0%22%20frameborder=%220%22%20allowfullscreen%3E%3C/iframe%3E It does an amazing job of relating Hitler's Holocaust and America's "holocaust" - abortion. It is about 30 min. long but very worth the view and some very pertinent points are raised. Just thought I'd share :)
  5. I don't know if this has been mentioned but my librarian told me what to do when this happens: Put the items I want on hold as well (even though you technically have them checked out right now). Then I go in and explain to the librarian and they check them in and check them right back out to me to fulfill MY hold request! :) At least, that is how it has worked in our library system -- maybe it would work for you as well! :)
  6. Level C is as far as we have gone at this point but we are really liking it. My oldest in Level C also completes Miquon math worksheets and we just started adding in Life of Fred on Fridays (for fun). I am curious about this as well and look forward to reading responses of those who have used it farther up. I've considered switching to Singapore after we complete Level E but just not sure at this point.:D (PS - I need to update my siggie!) :)
  7. I am starting to do some planning for the next year and am looking for ways to improve our "school room". At the moment, we use our dining room as our "school" room. Because of that, I have not put up bulletin boards or the like. I have been looking for something to use as a bulletin board/dry erase board ~ also to hang up posters/maps/etc. I found this on the internet and wondered if anyone could give me a review/advice on this reading/writing center: http://www.copernicused.com/pop_up_p...?productid=243 Thanks so much! :) PS - I posted this on the general board last night but didn't get any responses, so I thought I'd check here - thanks!
  8. I am starting to do some planning for the next year and am looking for ways to improve our "school room". At the moment, we use our dining room as our "school" room. Because of that, I have not put up bulletin boards or the like. I have been looking for something to use as a bulletin board/dry erase board ~ also to hang up posters/maps/etc. I found this on the internet and wondered if anyone could give me a review/advice on this reading/writing center: http://www.copernicused.com/pop_up_products.aspx?productid=243 Thanks so much! :)
  9. Thank you to all who took the time to vote in the poll and to those who shared about their experience. It is great to hear from other moms about what has worked/is working for their families ~ thanks again!:D
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain what you have done in detail ~ I love how you have been able to combine the classical and CM approaches. Thank you for explaining in more detail and for sharing the story about your daughters! My goal is to be able to show my kids that what they are learning can be applied to all aspects of their life!:D Anyone else want to share??:bigear:
  11. Dee, I hope you don't mind me asking, but did you use something like PLL or did you read good books and have them narrate from those? Did you use AO? We have been reading the books from AO and I have asked for narrations but my boys have enjoyed their CLE workbooks ~ it just sometimes feels like we are "tied" to it. Thank you for your response!
  12. Do you wish you had been more relaxed in the language arts area of school or do you regret being "too" relaxed and feeling like you had more "catching up" to do in the later years? There just seems to be so many schools of thought on this ~ from no formal grammar to using something more traditional like CLE, R&S, etc. to using something like FLL/PLL/Queen's, etc. I am currently debating this ~ we used CLE for language arts this past year and have enjoyed it, but it was a lot of workbooks to complete. Then I know others who focus more on a relaxed grammar structure/no grammar until the child is a little older. I have already ordered our CLE language arts for next year but just wondering what more experienced moms would say. Thanks for participating!:D
  13. Moira, Thank you! Thank You!! That is exactly what I was looking for ~ I am bookmarking it now! :)
  14. Hello! A friend of mine is looking into implementing MEP math next year due to good reviews/cost$$. I told her that I had seen a great blog that showed a step-by-step how-to in implementing the program. It showed how to set it up and what you really needed to print out. I thought I had it bookmarked but now I cannot find it!!! :001_huh: Can anyone direct me to the right site?????? Thank you in advance for any assistance!:001_smile:
  15. Here I was looking through the archives to review views of CLE LA as compared to other language arts programs with CM based methods and I came across this thread. We have used CLE LTR with my K and he is reading very well for his age. My 1st grader is using CLE LA 100 and Reading 100 and it has gone well also. I guess I'm wondering how do you use CLE with CM methods and get it all done? It is taking us a lot longer to finish it up compared to our other subjects. I will admit that we are also doing WWE for my 1st grader and have quickly gone through AAS 1 (I think my 1st grader could have gone to AAS2 but we just didn't get around to it). I am also trying to do more of the books from the Ambleside Online site as well. Any thoughts?
  16. I am looking at the best way to shop for household items while saving time and money. I usually shop for these type items at Sam's & Walmart but had a friend mention that I might even be able to get better deals online and if I have a large enough order ~ free shipping. I would love some advice on this;) ~ have you done this before? Did it work out well? Save time/money?? Also, what are the best sites to order from? Thanks!! :D
  17. Thanks Shannon for the advice ~ I just found the CD's cheaper at B & N than at Amazon, YEA! - off to order them!!! :)
  18. I have heard good things about the Classical Kids CDs, such as the Beethoven Lives Upstairs. I went to their website (http://www.childrensgroup.com/product.php?mode=cat&cid=classic_eng) and noticed that they also have Teacher's Notes to coincide with each CD. They also sell a "Classical Kids Teaching Edition" with all the CD's (9 in all), Teacher's Notes, DVD's and a Slideshow DVD with pics of the composers. It is pretty expensive ($299) but I wondered if anyone had ordered it and found it to be worth it to have all the materials. Has anyone used the Teacher's Notes and, if so, did you find them useful? Thanks!
  19. I hope you don't mind me adding in another hijack :) ~ I too have been pondering the CM methods and I do love what I have found on the AO booklist and yahoo groups; however, I keep reading about it only taking a couple of hours to "do school" and I guess I am wondering what I am doing wrong? To better explain, I have 4 active ds with 2 in school (1st and K) and 2 running and playing during school. I am using CLE 100 and CLE Reading 1 for my oldest and CLE Learn to Read for my K. I am trying to take these "slow" to last the entire year along with adding WWE and spelling for my oldest (on days he does not do CLE). We use RightStart math levels A & B (but are speeding up B for my "mathy" eldest). Including all the interruptions, we spend 2+ hours on these subjects alone! Any suggestions on completing these subjects more quickly to have time for all the AO readings? Also, any suggestions on keeping everyone's attention during the readings? I usually start to lose my boys after the first reading ~ one can't sit still and starts to play and then another joins in and then another -- well, you get the picture! :) I should also add that for Science we started doing Elemental Science-Biology but haven't done any labs yet. For history, I have the SOTW audio CD and will play it while having the boys color the related activity page (usually while I am fixing lunch!) :) Thank you!
  20. For fall/winter, I love my Juicy Couture velour sweatsuit. I used to really tease my sis (who worked for Nieman's in that department) about them and the expense. But, dh surprised me with one a few Christmas' ago (my sis helped him find them on sale and w/her discount) ~ and I must say, I have warned them both that I may never wear anything else again!!!:lol: Really, they are the MOST comfortable thing I have ever put on my legs!!!:D I have the plain jane brown (w/no back pockets or embellishments) but I do really enjoy them. I also love that I can throw the jacket on with a t-shirt and pair of jeans. A lot of places have them now and I've thought about looking for some at Target/Old Navy in a different color. You can also look at ebay. Oh, but be sure if you get a juicy to go one size larger for the jacket - my sis told me (actually my dh) this and I'm really glad she did. OH, and I LOVE consigment stores. {Actually, dh had been "prompting" me to buy some new clothes - surely couldn't be b/c I've had the same stuff for 10+ years!} But I was shocked at the prices of clothes in the regular stores! I have found some really great deals on cute clothes and I don't like to spend $, so I'm talking $10 or less for an entire outfit.
  21. I also found a treasure chest when I clicked on Product Reviews (on the left side of the page under the Information section). The freebie associated with it is: Science Jim-Video: Mechanics 1: Gravity. HTH!:D
  22. I was working as an auditor for a CPA firm in Kansas City, MO. I had gone to work early that day and was so focused on work that I hadn't even paid attention to my radio when one of my co-workers ran over to tell me what they heard on the radio. Word spread fast and we all went to a conference room and watched on the TV. We were allowed to leave early b/c of the possible threats to all federal buildings and we were right next to several downtown. Dh and I had only been married a few years and had no kids but we had been looking for a puppy and found one the next day. We are always reminded of the attack when we think about first getting our pup, Hunter. My mom is a librarian at a private school and their juniors were on a trip in DC - they were actually at the Capitol when it happened. They were on the bus trying to leave town when they saw the plane hit the Pentagon!
  23. I would definitely recommend to keep working with her phonics at home. I worked as a tutor in high school and college and could not believe the number of kids that struggled with reading and spelling ~ they had one thing in common -- all taught using the "whole" language approach. Just this week, we kept one of our neighbor's daughter overnight. She is 5 yrs. old and is in K ~ I helped her with her homework, which was a long list of reading words. The note to parents actually stated to NOT let them sound out the word -- these were words to be memorized only!!!! REALLY???:confused: How is a child supposed to respond when they come across a word they have not "memorized"? I teach some sight words along with our phonics lesson (a, the, for, to, etc.), but I just do not agree with teaching a solely whole language approach. Another example of someone who struggles still today from learning the whole language approach is my MIL - she grew up in a wealthy family in Milwaukee and went to an elite private boarding school for girls and has travelled the world {as an aside, much different life when she married my FIL who was a poor hog farmer ~ but they have a neat story!:D} Anyway, she was taught the whole language approach b/c that is when it was the "new" and "best" way to do things. She laments to this day that she struggles with some words and her spelling is horrible!!! She definitely encourages teaching phonics. Just my 2 cents!:)
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