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Anyone tried using BFSU Vol II in the middle grades?

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My dd is in 5th, and I know it's for 3rd - 5th, but she's good in science so normally I would not even *consider* a program targeted at anything less than 6th grade.


BUT . . . this is Dr. Nebel we're talking about. :001_smile: I know he does not dumb things down, and that his approach is to really make kids think and question and explore, and not just throw a bunch of facts or fun-but-useless experiments at them. So I'm wondering if it might be worth giving a try.


Maybe we could zoom through it and be ready in time for Vol III when it gets published. (Anyone know when that will be?)



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VolIII is due out in June 2011. I've just started VolII w/ a 5th and 2nd grader. I think you can go as deep as you want. We did the latitude and longitude lesson at the very end so far. We also started the Microscope unit.


Cool. I think I'll try to get Vol II done with the rest of this school year, and we'll start Vol III with 6th grade this fall. Thanks, it's nice to hear that it's working for you!

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It is not light and I'm sure it would challenge a middle school child.


I started to get that impression from looking at the table of contents online. :001_smile: I'd love to hear more when you do start using it. Let me know how it goes!



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