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Anyone do the Online Schools?

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I am just wondering if anyone does online school with their children? I don't even know if this is something I truly would want for my son right now, but I thought I would get some opinions.


The reason I am even considering this option right now is because of distractions/issues going on within our family currently. My mind is just overwhelmed right now and I am not doing well with schooling our son as a result. I also run an in-home childcare too, and with everything happening right now, it just seems a bit much.


I did make the decision that I don't want to put him into public school, but we have to get through the rest of this year. I school year round, but still, I feel we are really getting behind and I just hate that. Next Fall we should be doing quite a bit better... at least I am hoping, and get back on track for 2nd grade, but right now is difficult.


So, is online school something I should look into or is it not worth it? My son is six years old and in first grade. Thanks so much.


Have a wonderful day!

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We're using K12 this year. I started with all 3 girls in, but pulled my 2nd grader at Christmas. I really like it for the olders in some respects, not in others. Is that helpful? ;)


I do like the curriculum. It is very good history, good Language Arts (spelling, grammar, literature), science is alright, math is not my favorite.


I like that when I'm busy, I can give them their lists and they can get after it on their own. There is some busy work, but here in KS they are very flexible. If dd gets the concept, we can mark the lesson done and move on. She doesn't have to do the spelling worksheets 4 days if she can spell all the words. We do history orally and skip some of the worksheets if I want to.


I think it will probably depend on if you use a virtual school or just an online curriculum and what the state is like. We'll be moving to GA in the fall and I'm not interested in their VA at all. They have mandatory requirements as far as attendance go that completely defeats my purpose in keeping the kids at home. I want to be able to vacation in October if we want to and that would not be allowed there. Here in KS, as long as we are accomplishing our work, we're good.


For younger dd it was really a lot of pressure. She has struggled with reading and the 2nd grade curriculum was a LOT of work and not much fun. We went back to FLL, Singapore, OPGTR, and FIAR for her and she's doing much better.


I am trying to decide if we will use the independant K12 for my olders next year or not. It is a well-planned curriculum, but pretty pricey to use independantly.


Let me know if you have more specific questions. I'll try to help!


ETA: I just re-read your post and I would NOT choose it for 1st grade. It is not independant work at all at that age and it is a LOT of work. I easily spent 4 hours with dd for 2nd grade, which is ridiculous. There are much easier ways of accomplishing a superior education when they're that little. Just my .02!

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