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Is it me?

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Instead of them? Right now my laptop is waiting (still) to be fixed. *sigh* all I need to do is burn a diagnostic CD and check the darn thing but it is a pain. Anyway...


So I am back in the computer closet and I surf for a bit, check some email, haunt WTM :tongue_smilie:. Everyone is out in the living room seemly fine.


Until I go out there.


All hell seems to break loose. My ds2.5 starts whining after me, my ds8 starts antagonizing him. Aside from that bad behavior ensues. Ds2.5 wants food, I get it, then he doesn't want it or wants something else. Ds8 starts doing acrobatics in the living room and on the couch. They run around like banshees (sound like 'em to!) Ds2.5 throws things because I told him no you can't have candy so I have to swat his bum, then of course the wailing an gnashing of teeth begins.


If this was an isolated incident I wouldn't have cause to worry but it is pretty much every time I go back out there. I am back here a bit. I have to work and this is where the computer is.


So maybe *I* am the one causing the problems instead of everyone else is this is the reaction to me?:confused:


Thanks for listening to my pita party :001_smile:

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Sometimes it happens at our house too and I know that I am the culprit. For some reason, when the little one sees me, it's like a switch goes off and she realizes that I was gone and desperately needs me, but if I disappear to the computer and ignore all of them, then everyone knows that I'm simply not available to hear their whining, so they stop and get along.

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It's just the mom thing. I have a child that will get hit in the head from a stick from another sib, walk right past dad and come in and cry to me. My kids know I'll tolerate their crying/whining more than dad. I constantly tell my kids that they have a dad and to go ask him. It's really rather funny.

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