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How easy is it to... (Singapore)


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...work on only the things you are missing from a level and skip over the rest? Here's the situation: DD is in 3rd and I am planning out 4th grade. In K we did Right Start A and then Singapore PM 1A. In 1st she was in public school with I don't remember what math program. She's been a charter school these last two years, that is Spanish Immersion. We've been after schooling, but now that we are moving and won't have the Spanish Immersion we are going back to HS. I haven't been doing math with her, other than to help her on homework. Her school uses Everyday Math (yes, I know all about it), in Spanish. Despite these factors, she is still testing in the 98th percentile for math in her grade. There are actually some GOOD things about everyday math (no flames please) - they *try* to teach concepts like creative problem solving, seeing numbers, number bonds/fact families, but their mental math is no where near Singapore's skills. And they introduce topics in a different order. Looking over the placement tests for Singapore DD would test into 3A because of not knowing multi-digit division (3600/9=400, etc) and unit conversions (Km into m or lbs into ounces, etc). Otherwise, she would probably start in 4A.


So, knowing that, I am looking for opinions on how easy it would be to get 3A and 3B and just hit those things she hasn't done yet. Could we just get the student texts and skip the workbooks? She catches on *fast* and I think that it would honestly only take a few of weeks to cover and master things she missed. But I don't want to be too myopic about it.



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One of the things I like about Singapore is the different books you can buy to provide more revision material when needed (workbooks and test books) but you can go through the textbook either orally, or on paper where needed, if the child knows the material. We went through 3B pretty quickly, did levels 4A and 4B easily, with a little support from the workbook and found quite a few topics in 5A and 5B that benefited from the reinforcement of the Test book. I love that flexibility.

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