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What kind of cross-training shoes are good? This would be for

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doing workout dvds of strength training (pretty heavy weights) and aerobics. (They are the Chalean Extreme dvds by BeachBody.)


I have been wearing my running shoes and my knees are killing me-realized it is probably the shoes! The running shoes I have are a kind of thick heel so I think I need something more level.


I've only ever bought running shoes before so I have no idea what kind of cross-trainers are good. I don't want to spend a ton, if possible. Thanks!

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I always thoughts weights were done barefoot. You could use a shoe the mimics being barefoot if you want some sort of shoe. I'm unsure about aerobics. I guess it would depend on what you were doing. I would think running shoes would work for that. But weights you want your feet flat. Running sneakers (or any shoe or sneaker) lifts your heal up putting your whole body out of alignment.



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