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electronic "reading" out loud


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I want my kids to hear lots of great readalouds, really I do!


But they request some wonderful old favorites over and over and over and over and over... I think I might scream if I have to read some of these again and still act enthusiastic about it.


I can see on Amazon that you can buy an "MP3 album" of some of them.


Now for the totally idiotic question. If I buy one of those, how do the kids listen to it? Do they have to have my computer? Or my Kindle? Or can I use my computer to put it on a CD that they can listen to on their CD players? (Yes, that is the only electronic device my kids have. Mommy is not saavy enough to even know what they should have instead!)

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My kids LOVE audio books! You should be able to get plenty of them on amazon and other places (I'm sure people here can fill you in on the best audio book sites, we don't buy many). Our library has lots available for checkout on cd and quite a few can be downloaded from their website as well.


You can definitely listen directly on the computer. Some can probably be burned on cd and others not (I'm sure it depends on the publisher and what they allow you to do). I bought my kids mp3 players (we have sansa fuzes, but I know other people like ipods) and headphones. This way they can take them in the car or listen by themselves at home.


Edited To Add: You should be able to load them on your kindle as well. I haven't tried it on mine, but I read about that feature.

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