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Biblioplan ancients vs. Sonlight core 1 for first grade...


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I really like BP. I haven't used Sonlight, but have looked at it MANY times. With BP, you buy SOTW, the Usborne History Encyc (or Kingfisher), and the rest of the books you can pretty much get at the library. There are MANY more books scheduled than a typical Sonlight core, I think. I really have liked the books BP chooses, and they have done a fabulous job at finding books for all ages. I am using BP year 2 (Middle Ages) with SOTW 2, and I also use the SOTW AG for the maps and review questions. We do some of the activities in the AG, but not many. I am planning to us BP for SOTW 3 and 4. I currently have a 2nd grader. I wish I'd known about BP when we did Ancients last year with SOTW 1, because it looks like it would have been great. I use the SOTW audio and we follow along in the text;I love this option because I get tired of reading aloud sometimes and Jim Weiss is so great to listen to. My dd has listened to the CDs over & over.


I really like that BP is chronological following SOTW 4 year history rotation, which is important to me. What has partly kept me from using Sonlight is that it blitzes through world history in cores 1 & 2. If I used Sonlight, it would probably be cores 3 and 4, but I can't tear myself away from SOTW because I like it so much. Some people do SOTW alongside the Sonlight core, which I have considered too. I think it would be nice to have all the Sonlight books sitting on your shelf ready to go, and you can buy a lot of the BP books too if you don't want to mess with the library.

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