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Young adult fiction recs?

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I've loved reading Ellen Emerson White books this month. I haven't read contemporary YA fiction before, but I love her smart, witty female protagonists and the angsty coming of age stories. Any suggestions? I like the title to be non- smutty, non-dystopic, and non-paranormal (vampires etc).

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I just read When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead last night, and it was great. The main character is only twelve, so it doesn't go beyond one very chaste kiss, and it's set in the real world, so no dystopia beyond a very brief mention, and no paranormal. Wonderful book, I really enjoyed it.

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Tamora Pierce's books. They're fantasy, and most contain magic of some sort or another - I'm not sure if that's what you mean by paranormal. Her most recent series, which includes Terrier and Bloodhound so far, doesn't include any fantastical elements that I can recall.


Ugh, Visual Bookshelf disappeared on Facebook. I *know* that it would refresh my memory, but I'm seeing this thread along with the other YA lit suggestion thread and I'm drawing a complete and utter blank, even though I do nearly as much reading out of the YA section of the library as adult.

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