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Can two children use the same TT Cds at once?


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The new versions they released will have you set up student accounts and a parent account. So they could both use one set of CDs (only grade 7 and below are computer graded) and their scores would be recorded separately on your computer. The discs have a great tutorial on them about setting things up and how to move a grade book from one computer to another if you ever need to.



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Yes, they can. On the TT website, on the FAQ section, it says:


Can I use your program for more than one child?


A. Absolutely. These programs are reusable and can be used with more than one student in the same year. For instructions on how to setup multiple students please call 866-867-6284 or email us at customerservice@teachingtextbooks.com.


The gradebook is accessed via the CD.

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