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What is the most helpful standarized test for special needs students?


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Michele, I called a psych recently (not a neuropysch, but a phd'd psych who specializes in ADD and does cogmed), and he would do parts of the WJIII (not ful) and IQ and read the tea leaves. There may be more to it, but WJIII is the academic side of what they'd do. They then compare what the dc is actually doing (shown by the WJIII) to what the dc's potential is for each area (IQ) and try to make sense of it.


I'm only paying $75 for my WJIII. It's not with a psych but a homeschooling mother who does lots of math tutoring. Not sure what her background is, but I think you have to have at least a Master's to administer the WJIII. I figure it will be helpful and informative. If we do the neuropsych later, I'd just carry the results over. Even the ITBS is around $60, so you really can't beat it, assuming you can find someone that affordable.

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